Thursday, 5 January 2017

WWE And TNA (Female) Wrestlers Height Chart

Name          Real Height  Billed Height     Billed Weight
AJ Lee5’2″5’4″125 lbs.
Alicia Fox5’8.5”5’10”120 lbs.
Amazing Red5’6″5’7″133 lbs.
Angelina Love5’6″5’6″150 lbs.
Austin Aries5’7.5″5’9″129 lbs.
Beth Phoenix5’6″5’6″118 lbs.
Brie Bella5’5″5’6″125 lbs.
Chyna5’9″6’0″190 lbs.
Christy Hemme5’5″5’6″125 lbs.
Debra5’6″5’6″116 lbs.
El Torito (Espectrito)5’1″5’2″107 lbs.
Eve Torres5’7″5’8″135 lbs.
Gail Kim5’5″5’5″135 lbs.
Kaitlyn5’4.5″5’6″145 lbs.
Kelly Kelly5’5″5’5″135 lbs.
Kharma5’9”5’11”245 lbs.
Lita5’6″5’6″152 lbs.
Luna Vachon5’6″5’6″135 lbs.
Maryse5’7″5’8″131 lbs.
Melina5’4″5’4″125 lbs.
Mickie James5’4″5’4″123 lbs.
Miss Elizabeth5’6″5’6″140 lbs.
Natalya5’5″5’5″108 lbs.
Nikki Bella5’5″5’6″120 lbs.
Paige5’6.5″5’8″126 lbs.
Rosa Mendes5’7″5’8″242 lbs.
Sable5’6″5’6″175 lbs.
Shannon Moore5’8″5’8″125 lbs.
Stacey Keibler5’9”5’11”136 lbs.
Stephanie McMahon5’8"5’9″149 lbs.
Sunny5’4″5’4″124 lbs.
Torrie Wilson5’7″5’7″145 lbs.
Trish Stratus5’4″5’4″118 lbs.
Vickie Guerrero5’4″5’6″145 lbs.

Data published on this blog is estimated barefoot and has taken from WWE, TNA Wikipedia,Sports player’s official websites, fan websites, celebs social network profiles, forums and other reliable sources. It’s almost impossible to judge someone’s real height because there are several other factors which influence our judgement about their real height like: Hair style, face shape, camera angle, physique, their footwear etc. If you personally encountered any of them in real life or you have different opinion and you think you know the exact height kindly share with us through comment


  1. wow i tried to copy all data on my phone

  2. Amazing Red, Shannon Moore and El Torito are not female.

  3. Amazing Red, Shannon Moore and El Torito are not female.

  4. Stephanie McMahon. Is she really 209lb? I mean she looks give huge and strong, but?
    Also, she's taller than 5 9". She's more like 5 11"