Wednesday, 26 April 2017

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This is an Informative web blog about celebrities height. Here you can check height charts and enlighten your knowledge about your favorite celebrities real height instead of their reel height (fictitious height)
This information is going to surprise you. If you are willing to know, how tall they are? Take a look at the height charts given below:

As we know we have different opinion about their height. Even celebs don’t reveal their original height, they show off more inches then reality. After lots of research on celebrities’ official websites, fan's websites, forums and other most reliable links, I create this list with the help of my friends (The original Barefoot height of any celebrity Can be less or more about one or two centimeters but from our point of view this is more than 98% accurate). If you personally encountered any of them in real life and you have different opinion you can share that here… or if you think you know the exact height kindly let me know through comments or by mail at 

I create this database blog to let other people know the fact about celebrities. This blog is about celebs real height instead of their reel height. Here you can check out the (Barefoot) height list of the most famous celebs from different domain. Data published on this blog is estimated barefoot and has taken from actor’s official websites, fan websites, celebs social network profiles, forums and other reliable sources. 

They can increase their height by lift shoes (Males) up to 3 inches and females can reach up to 6 inches by heels so you can imagine how much height they can gain over their barefoot height. The measurements are rounded to nearest so you can easily understand I rounded off the measurements on height charts.

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